Markus Hultcrantz is a Swedish singer/songwriter/podcaster/author.
‘Words At Silence’ (written and performed) shortlisted in the ISC (International Songwriting Competition), 2012.
Proud member of Försvarets Fältartister (Swedish Armed Forces Entertainers).

Write it all. Write books. Write songs.
Write your friend a letter.
Write a note for your loved ones saying you’ll be home soon.

Play the guitar, play with kids.
Play a song on Spotify and play board-games with your neighbours.
Play some sports and play it cool.

Sing a song in the shower.
Sing like a bird.
Sing at a wedding.
Say it in a song.

Read to your children.
Have them read to you.
Just read and be ready.

Life is nice. Live it.
Take your chances.
Experience something exceptional.
Be present. Feel free… and feel the pain.
Stay alive.
Love and wonder.

Get in touch by email: info(at)markushultcrantz.se